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PVC compounding plant – a decade of successful operations

Oman Cables Industry's PVC compounding plant has completed 10 years of operation on 24th April 2016. The plant was built with largest capacity in Asia and the 5th largest worldwide at that time. The state of [...]

July 14th, 2016|

OER Top 20 Award

OER Business Summit was held in Muscat on Wednesday 11th May 2016. Organised by Oman Economic Review (OER), the Sultanate’s premium business magazine, and held under the theme ‘The Diversification Imperative,’ the Summit included paper [...]

July 14th, 2016|

Branding at Sales Outlets

Distributors get customers who ask for a product by name and this demands strong branding. It usually falls upon the manufacturer to provide marketing support to them to boost sales. This can range from the [...]

May 12th, 2016|

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry Mr Gert Hoefman, CEO of Oman Cables proudly receives Mr. Roberto Azevêdo, the World Trade Organization Director-General at its cable manufacturing facilities in Rusayl on 30th January 2014.

January 30th, 2014|


/Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


Quality Management System

Oman Cables Industry identified and developed a systematic and documented procedure for the process and effective operation based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System to meet the Customer satisfaction related to product quality and service. Oman Cables became the first Omani Industrial Organization awarded with the International Quality Certification – ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification already in July 1994 (certified by an accreditation body TUV in Germany).

The Company maintained and continually improved its quality system while maintaining its certification. The ISO-9001 certificate is the hallmark of quality culture, of rigid adherence to systemized quality methods, procedures and systems in Manufacturing and Services.

Oman Cables was also awarded the ISO 9001 certification by BASEC, UK in 2009. They re-certified Quality Management System and the certificate is valid until April 2018.

Oman Cables Industry quality management system is audited by various institutions and customers. They have all confirmed that Oman Cables has fully complied to the standard requirement and that Oman Cables is capable of meeting the customer requirements in this respect.

Authorized Auditors for Oman Cables Industry are:

  • BASEC – British Approvals Service for Cables
  • BVQI – Bureau Veritas Quality International
  • LPCB – Loss Prevention Certification Board for Product Quality approval
  • SGS – Conformity Certificate for Product Exporting
  • BPI (British Power International) – Factory Assessment and system Audit


Integrated Management System

The management of the company implemented Integrated Management System (IMS) by integrating all three standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and establishes the IMS Policy and Objective and ensures that employees at all levels within the organization understand the IMS Policy, goals and objectives of Oman Cables Integrated Management System by conducting Management staff / departmental meetings and discussing the following important points in these meetings.

  • Customer requirements and how to meet these requirements
  • Quality objectives and Production related issues
  • Statutory, legal, and regulatory requirements including the environmental issues.
  • Goals for continuous improvement
  • Availability of resources for meeting the above requirements
  • Health and Safety requirements for the working environment

Oman Cables Industry Integrated Management System policy is documented in Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual which is the apex document in Integrated Management System.

Integrated Management System Policy

Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) recognizes an Integrated Management System as an intrinsic part of its operations for the design, manufacture and supply of electrical cables. Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) is committed to continually improve the Integrated Management System.

It is the policy of Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) that the functions of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management are incorporated in each function to the degree necessary to ensure that Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) will strive to operational excellence through the following:

  • Create employee awareness of the impacts of their activities and performances on the environment, safety and the quality of processes through active communication and participation.
  • Meet interested party needs with correct processes and involve such interested parties in the environmental and safety aspects of the processes in order to enhance satisfaction.
  • Develop suppliers and continuously improve their performance related to quality, health, safety and environmental issues, delivery and service.
  • Employ cost-effective and advanced technologies to improve continuously the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.
  • Ensure provision of necessary resources for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment requirements, and effectively manage the consumption of these resources.
  • Monitor and record QHSE risks and environmental aspects, on a regular basis and compare our performance with policies, objectives and targets.
  • Take into consideration during the product development and the industrialisation process, the product and process safety aspects, environmental aspects and risk assessments with regard to interested parties.
  • Comply with obligations with applicable local and international laws and regulations and sector requirements.
  • Reduce generation of waste and emission levels.
  • Obligate to take necessary corrective actions for safety and environmental accidents and occupational illness.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the entire Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System is periodically reviewed by the management and updated in line with the best practices as part of the continual improvement process.

This policy is communicated to all individuals visiting and/or working for or on behalf of the Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) and also available to the relevant interested parties through the website

View Policy>>>

Documentation Manual

The Integrated Management system manual, procedures and instructions documented and implemented by Oman Cables Industry are the cornerstone to meet the requirements of our customers.

Oman Cables identified and developed this process for the effective operation of the Integrated Management System to meet the ISO9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 requirements as well as the customer requirement.




A good product cannot be manufactured using poor materials or manufacturing processes. At Oman Cables Industry we find it essential that the best economically viable materials are utilized along with the best available machinery to produce our quality products.

To ensure this:-

  • New materials or materials from alternate suppliers are fully tested and manufacturing trials are performed before the material is approved.
  • Incoming raw materials are ordered and tested upon delivery to ensure that they comply with Oman Cables strict Raw Material Specifications. In addition, Suppliers submit with each batch of materials delivered the test results for that batch. Materials not complying are rejected.
  • During manufacturing, it is ensured that material characteristics are not adversely affected by the production processes.
  • The final product always conforms to the relevant OES/IEC/BS or Customers Standards and requirements.

Oman Cables Industry has three fully equipped laboratories where incoming raw material, in the process, sample and routine final testing of products and materials are conducted.

Incoming raw material testing is conducted in our main Laboratory where tests such as tensile and elongation of metals and plastics, the thermal stability of insulation and sheathing compounds, dimensional checks of tapes, wires and rod are conducted by experienced and well-trained personnel using the most modern and accurate equipment sourced from reputed test equipment manufacturers.

In the process, testing includes the testing of conductor resistance (CR) using portable and on-line resistance bridges from Aesa Cortaillod, Switzerland, diameter gauges from BETA Lasermike, USA, Sikora, Germany and state of the art KSM optical dimension checking equipment from Sweden. Medium Voltage Insulation quality is routinely checked for intrusions, contamination and void formation using the most modern equipment form Optical Transparency equipment, SA.

Final testing is done in all three manufacturing facilities according to the requirement of the various specifications, ensuring full compliance and long-term product reliability. For Medium Voltage cables, full High Voltage testing, as well as partial discharge testing, is conducted in shielded room facilities.

In addition to all electrical testing, all cables including Low and Medium Voltage cables are subjected to stringent physical and mechanical testing.

We have a complete Type Testing facility for all the cables and Overhead conductors as per applicable standards and specification.