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Oman Cables conducts first Solar Training at NICD

Oman Cables in collaboration with Prysmian Group conducts its first Training on Solar Cable at NICD (Numo Institute for Competency Development) training institute. The seminar highlighted an overview of the Solar PV systems and shared innovative know...

October 9, 2019|

Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC) Visits Oman Cables

Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC) – A Member of Nama Group, visits Oman Cables’ Manufacturing facilities. The manufacturing plant tour was conducted by members from Dakiliya Governorate looking after Extension Projects covering areas Nizwa, Jabal Akh...

August 28, 2019|

Opportunity to gain valuable industrial experience at Oman Cables for a future career

To apply for the Program starting 2020 and for more details on the program please visit the following link: Program Brief: Oman Cables Industry SAOG (OCI) and Pu...

July 21, 2019|

Oman Cables Official Logo Launch Event

At an official inauguration, Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) has launched its new logo of rebranding as a reflection of its evolutionary heritage symbolizing the company’s continued development as it advances into a future characterized by further innova...

March 27, 2019|

Nama Group signs new RO 400 Million Contract

Oman Cables has been a long standing supporter of the Nama group championing a strong era of local supply to the Electrical Utilities across The Sultanate of Oman with a mix of 11-33Kv electrical cables.This year, running in parallel with the 2018 En...

May 7, 2018|

Oman Cables Industry Develops In House Technical Training Course

Oman Cables Industry Develops In House Technical Training Course Part of building the capabilities of The Electrical Utilities in Oman comes from imparting Technical knowledge to ensure the strategic development of Technical Engineering Staff. “Get...

May 28, 2017|

Be cautious of risky counterfeit wires and cables

Every day there is news about properties and human life lost due to fire accidents. Some of these are caused by electrical faults. The main components of electrical systems in a residential or a commercial building are mainly the cable, switchgear, j...

May 3, 2017|

Building Wire Line Omanization Program

During 2016, OCI has completed Project 11 which included relocating all Building Wire line machines into the new bay of Plan 2 Hall 2. In line with OCI’s Omanization strategy, the company has set a target to Omanize Building Wire line operators fully...

December 18, 2016|

Fire Extinguisher Distribution Event

Oman Cables Industry distributed fire extinguishers to all its employees Oman Cables Industry has always been committed towards contribution to the national economy and the safety of all its employees. The company believes in giving back to the socie...

October 25, 2016|

OER Top 20 Award

OER Business Summit was held in Muscat on Wednesday 11th May 2016. Organised by Oman Economic Review (OER), the Sultanate’s premium business magazine, and held under the theme ‘The Diversification Imperative,’ the Summit included paper presentations ...

July 14, 2016|


/ Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors


2016 Oman Economic Review Top 20 Award
Distribution Code Review Panel Award
Fut5AL Winner Award
2015 Oman Economic Review Top 20 Award
AIWA Manufacturer of the Year Award
2014 Dossier Construction Award
AIWA Award
2013 Oman Web Awards
Fut5al Award
2012 AIWA’s Global Omani of the Year Awarded to Mr. Hussain Salman, Managing Director
Mr Hussain Salman, MD selected as Finalist in E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2011
2011 His Majesty Honorary Shield for the year 2011 for being one of the best industries of Oman
Oman Economic Review Top 20 Award for being one of the Top 20 companies of Oman
2010 Corporate Governance Excellence Award (Industrial Category)
Overall Excellence Award (All Categories)
2009 Best Website Bronze (Oman Web Awards)
2008 His Majesty’s Certificate of Honour/Shield
His Majesty’s Shield of Excellence for winning
HM Cup more than 5 times
2007 Exporter of the Year & Flame of Excellence
2006 Exporter of the Year & Flame of Excellence
2005 Exporter of the Year (Oman Awards for Excellence)
His Majesty’s Cup
Best Website (Oman Web Awards)
2004 OER Top 20 Companies in Oman
Flame of Excellence Award
Exporter of the Year (Oman Awards for Excellence)