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Fire Extinguisher Distribution Event

Oman Cables Industry distributed fire extinguishers to all its employees Oman Cables Industry has always been committed towards contribution to the national economy and the safety of all its employees. The company believes in giving [...]

October 25th, 2016|

PVC compounding plant – a decade of successful operations

Oman Cables Industry's PVC compounding plant has completed 10 years of operation on 24th April 2016. The plant was built with largest capacity in Asia and the 5th largest worldwide at that time. The state of [...]

July 14th, 2016|

OER Top 20 Award

OER Business Summit was held in Muscat on Wednesday 11th May 2016. Organised by Oman Economic Review (OER), the Sultanate’s premium business magazine, and held under the theme ‘The Diversification Imperative,’ the Summit included paper [...]

July 14th, 2016|

Branding at Sales Outlets

Distributors get customers who ask for a product by name and this demands strong branding. It usually falls upon the manufacturer to provide marketing support to them to boost sales. This can range from the [...]

May 12th, 2016|

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry Mr Gert Hoefman, CEO of Oman Cables proudly receives Mr. Roberto Azevêdo, the World Trade Organization Director-General at its cable manufacturing facilities in Rusayl on 30th January 2014.

January 30th, 2014|


/Fire Resistant Cables

Product Ranges

Oman Cables supplies a wide range of alternative and customized designs to meet the customers needs including enhanced fire performance cables. Cables are supplied to individual customer specifications with alternative sheathing materials, including lead, different colours and other special application requirements like reduced flame propagation, low smoke zero halogen characteristics, anti-termite treatment, UV resistance etc.

This page gives brief details of our present manufacturing range.
For more details please contact our regional sales office in your region.


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Fire Rated Cables and Wires


Fire Rated Cables and Wires

600/1000V grade , plan annealed copper conductor, glass mica tapped, XLPE insulated, multi-core cables laid up and inner sheathed with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH), round galvanized steel wire armoured and outer jacket with LSF (or LSOH/LSZH). Specifications: BS7846 (Category F2) and BS 6387 (Category, C, W & Z). These Cables are meant for maintaining circuit integrity under fire condition for 3 hours (tested for 3 hours at 950o C temperature).

Range: From 2C x 1.5mm² to 4C x 400mm² From 5C x 1.5mm² to 5C x 70 mm²

MV cables


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Medium Voltage Cables
Lead Sheathed Medium Voltage Cables


Medium Voltage Cables

Oman Cables has state of the art technology and equipment to manufacture high quality Medium Voltage up to 33kV. Cables such as:

• Single Core Unarmoured
• Single Core Aluminum Wire Armoured
• Three Core Unarmoured
• Three Core Steel Wire Armoured
• Three Core Steel Tape Armoured

Range: 1C x 25 mm² to 1C x 1000 mm²
3C x 25 mm² to 3C x 400 mm²

Specification: IEC 60502 part 2, BS 6622, BS 7835 as per Iraq specs or any other international specification/ Customer specification. We can also produce cables with alternative sheathing material and for special applications such as reduced flame propagation, low-smoke, zero-halogen characteristics, lead sheathed cables, anti-termite treatment and UV resistance. Special features like water sealing of conductors & screens as well as different colour of outer sheath can be provided on request.

LV cables


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Low Voltage Power and Control Cables
Lead Sheathed Low Voltage Cables


Low Voltage Cables

A) XLPE Insulated Power Cables

600/1000V grade, plain annealed Copper conductor. XLPE insulated, multicore cables laid up and inner sheathed with PVC, round galvanized steel wire armoured for multi cores and aluminium wire armoured for single cores and outer jacket with PVC.

Range: From 1C x 10 mm²to 1C x 1000 mm²
From 2C x 1.5 mm² to 4C x 400 mm²

Specification: BS-5467, IEC 60502, part-1;S-6724 as per Iraq specs or any other international standards, as well as customer specification. We also manufacture the cables for special applications which require enhanced fire performances as per IEC-60332-3, Low Smoke Zero Halogen characteristics as per BS6724, lead sheathed cables, anti-termite treatment, UV resistant & Water blocking feature, tinned copper wires in the armour for higher armour conductivity etc.

B) PVC Insulated Power Cables

600/1000V Grade Plain annealed Copper conductor, PVC insualted, multicore cables laid up and inner-sheathed with PVC, round galvanized steel wire armoured for multicores and aluminium wire armoured for single core and outer jacket with PVC.

Range: From 1C x 10 mm² to 1C x 1000 mm²
From 2C x 1.5 mm² to 4C x 400 mm²

Specifications: IEC-60502 Part-1, as per Iraq specs or any other international standards as well as customer specifications. We also manufacture the cables
for special applications which require enhance fire performance as per IEC-60332-1 & IEC-60332-3, lead sheathed cables, anti-termite treatment, UV
resistant, water blocking feature, tinned copper wires in the armour for higher armour conductivity etc.

Overhead Line Conductor


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Overhead Line Conductors


Overhead Line Conductors

Oman Cables has capability to produce complete range of overhead line conductors in Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Copper. The standard range includes sizes up to 1000mm² as per BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, or any other international standard and customer’s specifications for all voltage applications. We can also provide conductors with XLPE or PVC covering. The standard types of conductors in our present manufacturing range are as follows:

• AAC All Aluminium Conductors
• AAAC All Aluminium Alloy Conductor
• ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
• HDBC Hard Drawn Bare Copper conductor
• SDBC Soft Drawn Bare copper Conductor
• AAC + XLPE All Aluminium Conductor with XLPE insulation
• AAC + PVC All Aluminium conductors with PVE insulation

building wire


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PVC LSF Building Wires and Cables


Building Wires and Cables

Oman Cables produces the full range of house wiring cables from 1.5 mm² to 1000 mm² with wide range of core colours. The conductor is plain annealed solid or stranded Copper conductors insulated with PVC or Heat Resistant PVC as per BS EN 50535-3-41. Oman Cables also manufactures twin flat wires up to 6mm² with or without Earth continuity conductor.

The complete range of Wiring cables can be manufactured using Low Smoke Zero Halogen thermosetting insulation compounds conforming to BS EN 50535-2-31 or with compounds to suit customer’s specific requirements.


Cables for

Special Applications



Fire Performance Cables


Customized Designs to

Customer Specifications