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Fire Extinguisher Distribution Event

Oman Cables Industry distributed fire extinguishers to all its employees Oman Cables Industry has always been committed towards contribution to the national economy and the safety of all its employees. The company believes in giving [...]

PVC compounding plant – a decade of successful operations

Oman Cables Industry's PVC compounding plant has completed 10 years of operation on 24th April 2016. The plant was built with largest capacity in Asia and the 5th largest worldwide at that time. The state of [...]

OER Top 20 Award

OER Business Summit was held in Muscat on Wednesday 11th May 2016. Organised by Oman Economic Review (OER), the Sultanate’s premium business magazine, and held under the theme ‘The Diversification Imperative,’ the Summit included paper [...]

Branding at Sales Outlets

Distributors get customers who ask for a product by name and this demands strong branding. It usually falls upon the manufacturer to provide marketing support to them to boost sales. This can range from the [...]

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry

WTO visits Oman Cables Industry Mr Gert Hoefman, CEO of Oman Cables proudly receives Mr. Roberto Azevêdo, the World Trade Organization Director-General at its cable manufacturing facilities in Rusayl on 30th January 2014.

Be cautious of risky counterfeit wires and cables

//Be cautious of risky counterfeit wires and cables

Be cautious of risky counterfeit wires and cables


Every day there is news about properties and human life lost due to fire accidents. Some of these are caused by electrical faults. The main components of electrical systems in a residential or a commercial building are mainly the cable, switchgear, joints and appliances. There is actually nothing in our households today where electricity is not being used. Electricity can be dangerous to humans and our assets when the wrong design and low quality products are used. It is a simple combination of short circuits and heat that can create a fire. Most faults happen when the cable wire is too small in size to carry the required electricity. Insulation material is another important factor on the thickness and quality of materials. It is therefore always important to ensure the best electrical design is maintained through a professional and qualified electrical company or person. The most important, after a design, is the installation and quality products. This will ensure you and your property are safe.

Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) develops, manufactures a totally integrated variety of electrical products which includes Building Wires and Low Voltage cables. Mr. Louis du Preez, General Manager – Sales and Marketing added that their cables are designed with special features suitable for different types of applications and environmental conditions. This includes Flame Retardant Properties, Low Smoke and Fume Properties to ensure Safe and Reliable products for the use in electrical systems. The wires and cables comply with the best International Standards and are tested and approved by the Oman Authorities as well as International Accredited Laboratories. Cheap products cost lives and Oman Cables Industry values their quality in products to protect lives therefore always buy genuine.

When buying look for Oman Cables original trademark on the packaging.

Any feedback or knowledge relating to the issue of counterfeit product of Oman Cables Industry can be sent by email to: